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Our Spa Idea

Find the time just to do nothing. Perhaps unusual, and yet so much more.
This idea guided and accompanied us in the planning of the SPA area.
The result is a 1500 sqm spa area with plenty of options for relaxing and boosting one's health.
Effective spa and beauty treatments, revitalising massages, beneficial sauna sessions and relaxing baths in the healing waters restore the balance between body and spirit.
Health has always been important in our family-run hotel, ever since the thermal waters were found. At the time, classic natural fango packs or cooling natural healing clay in combination with the thermal waters provided our guests with a feeling of well-being, and they remain a cornerstone in our entire SPA and wellness concept to this day.
We hope, from the bottom of our hearts, that you have a relaxing time with us and leave with the strength for new things.

Our Pool Area

Thermal Schwimmbecken

Thermal Swimming Pool

This swimming pool measures 6 x 5 m, and with a temperature of a pleasant 30°C is ideal for swimming a few lengths or joining in an Aqua exercise class. It also has a gooseneck with a thermal shower and heated underwater benches.

Pavillon- Heißwasserpool

Pavillon hot water pool

The hot water pool is fed with hot thermal water at 37°C. This higher temperature is not only pleasant for the skin, but also boosts the body's defences. The entire bathing experience is further enhanced in this pool by the bottom jets, massage jets and thermal shower.

Thermal- Freischwimmbad

Outdoor thermal Pool

The outdoor thermal pool is located in the park-like hotel garden. You can easily swim from the hot water pool to the outside via the connecting passage. The outdoor pool is heated to about 28°C, and is perfect for relaxing whatever the weather. Enjoy one of the attractions in this pool, such as the wild spring on the bottom, one of the massage jets or our oxygen bubble loungers while you allow your gaze to roam over the surrounding area.


Quiet room

It is important that you allow yourself to rest between the various spa treatments. This gives your body the chance to acclimatise, and to recover from the change between hot and cold. The break should be about twice as long as the time spent in the sauna or thermal bath. Sit or lie down on one of the loungers, close your eyes, and carefully observe the changes in your body.



Our sauna area also contains a classic whirlpool with a massage function and bubble jets. Perfect for relaxing or cooling down after a session in the sauna. The temperature is a pleasant 36°C.

Our Sauna area

klassische finnische Sauna

The classic Finnish sauna

The sauna is an elementary component in Finnish culture. A sauna aids relaxation and body cleansing. Our sauna is a traditional wood version, similar to a Finnish log cabin sauna. The sauna infusion on stones at up to 500°C makes the body perspire, which cleanses the skin and at the same time stimulates the body's immune system. The normal temperature for a sauna is around 90°C.


Bio sauna

As not everyone can cope with the high temperature in a traditional sauna, on certain days we set the temperature to 55-60°C with 60% humidity. The various coloured lights stimulate the senses. A bio sauna is much less challenging for the circulation, and is ideal for people who are new to it and for longer sessions of up to half an hour


Aroma steam bath

As well as the traditional sauna, the steam bath is also becoming increasingly popular. Even the ancient Romans appreciated its relaxing and positive effects on the entire organism. With the relatively low temperature of approx. 45 °C and up to 100% humidity, the conditions are perfect for physical regeneration. Various aromas are added to the moist air to further intensify the experience. A session in a steam bath can greatly benefit stressed nerves and tense muscles, rheumatic diseases, the symptoms of a cold and much more.

Drinking fountain

Enjoy a glass of water after a session in the sauna. Our dispenser in the sauna area provides fresh spring water, and is available to you free of charge for the duration of your stay.


Tea bar

A cup of tea is revitalising and beneficial after a session in the sauna or thermal bath. Our tea bar contains a selection of various wellness and herbal teas with ingredients such as mint and ginger, which are refreshing and revitalising. You are welcome to enjoy them free of charge for the duration of your stay.


Foot bath

For experienced sauna users, the foot bath is as much a part of the event as the actual sauna. The warm water helps to readjust your body temperature after the sauna. And it is a good idea to use it before entering the steam box as well as between the various sittings. The warm water encourages all the blood vessels in the body to expand, which improves perspiration.


Heated benches

Our elegantly tiled heated benches can greatly enhance relaxation. They have a detoxifying and relaxing effect on the body and muscles. Perfect for getting the body to the right temperature before a sauna.


Experience showers

Our experience showers - the somewhat different kind of shower.
An experience shower offers various types of shower, some to massage the skin, while others are somewhat more stimulating. With different water temperatures and a warm tropical rain effect, this shower truly is a unique experience. The changing lights are a delight for the senses.


Open-Air room

When you leave the steam box, it is a good idea to spend a few minutes in the fresh air to boost your circulation. Relax for a while in the open area, or sit on the bench, and breathe deeply. Go back inside before you start to shiver.


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