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For him & her


Wellness for Him

1 Tibetan energy massage
1 facial treatment for men
99,00 €
1 lifting effect facial treatment
1 Garshan massage with ear candle & lymphatic drainage of the head
115,00 €
Nourishing treatment (cleansing, scrub, herbal steam etc.)59,00 €

Wellness for Her

Well-being treatment (intensive facial, full-body scrub, aromatic oil treatment)125,00 €
Anti-ageing Repagen treatment ("lifting" treatment using highly effective products, skin firming and wrinkle reduction)135,00 €
Pampering day (facial, pedicure and foot bath, Vietnamese full-body oil massage)145,00 €


Facial care



Beauty Classic
Cleansing, Vapozone, deep cleansing, eyebrow shaping, face and décolleté massage, mask, daytime moisturizer, daytime make-up
52,00 €
Beauty Intensiv
Facial treatment as with "Beauty Classic", plus deep cleansing and ampoule treatment
62,00 €
Living cell treatment
Elementary nutrients improve the structure of the skin and fill up empty moisture reserves. Luxury for your skin. The highly-concentrated active substances in the living cells provide the skin with fresh energy.
79,00 €
Ear candle treatment
Including head and face massage
Helps with headaches, migraine and tension caused by the stress factors in daily life, releases tension and clears the head.
42,00 €
Lifting Power treatment
Cleansing, exfoliation, ampoule, shaping, moisturizer
64,00 €
Anti-wrinkle treatment
Latest technology using galvanic low-current therapy. Exceptional and visible results achieved instantly.
48,00 €
Caviar Power luxury effect
Anti-ageing and wellness boost
68,00 €
Care treatments for men
Cleansing, exfoliation, herbal steam, deep cleansing, pack, massage, hair removal if required
59,00 €




Individual treatments

Aromatic oil pack33,00 €
Aromatic oil massage
Gentle and relaxing full-body massage with warm aromatic oils
39,00 €
Goat's buttercream pack33,00 €
with herbal foot bath, footcare products and foot massage
28,00 €
Pedicure with polish32,00 €
Hand pack7,00 €
Manicure without polish20,00 €
Fine hair removal9,00 €
Leg resin19,00 €
Eyelash tint11,00 €
Eyebrow tint9,00 €
Wellness massage, full-body, with coloured oils. 40 mins.39,00 €




Flexible wellness baths

Cleopatra bath29,00 €
Dead Sea salt bath29,00 €
Harmony bath29,00 €
Algae bath29,00 €
Evening primrose oil bath29,00 €
Herbal bath29,00 €
Goat's milk bath29,00 €
Aromatic oil bath29,00 €

choice of around 30 different aromas, such as rose oil, jasmine oil, lavender etc.

Wellness treatments


Wellness treatments

Hot Chocolate Harmony treatment
The best of the precious cocoa bean provides an exceptional wellness feeling for the skin and senses
68,00 €
Beautyline full-body wrap deluxe
Treats fat accumulation and oedema, thread veins, tension, cellulite, detoxifying, firming, breaks down fat and shapes the figure
55,00 €
Facial / full-body treatment
Stimulating energy massage using the finest oils to provide oriental care and relaxation for body and spirit
75,00 € / 95,00 €
Hot stones (highly effective healing treatment using hot stones) 
without pack
with pack

69,00 €
93,00 €
Thai leg and foot massage
A special pressure technique using a wooden bar activates the reflex zones, and thus the immune system; aids relaxation in daily life, good for weak and tired leg muscles (40 mins)
53,00 €
Lomi Lomi Nui
This Hawaiian full-body massage supports and accelerates the detox process, clears the cell memory of disturbances and blockages, boosts performance and aids concentration (80 mins)
85,00 €
Tibetan singing bowl massage
Helps with stress and physical tension, and can clear mental blockages (60 mins)
69,00 €
Herbal Siamese treatment
Relaxing Siamese facial & body massage using warm herbal pouches
75,00 €
Garshan silk glove massage with ear candle and lymphatic drainage of the head
Treatment is performed using gloves made of Bourette silk; the skin looks smooth and glowing, the tissue is firmed, and cellulite countered, the circulation stimulated and the body detoxified (60 mins)
75,00 €
Deep relaxation using the hands, similar to autogenic training. Burnout, dreaming (40 mins)
53,00 €
Tibetan honey massage
Detoxification of the tissue, strengthens the nerves and immune system, boosts the skin's micro circulation
39,00 €


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